What has happened in 2017? And What’s Next?

Another year is coming to an end. 2017 was really an exciting journey for us. Each year pass by teaching a set of new experiences. 2017 was no exception.

Some cool experiences from the year 2017.

1) We launched our first SaaS product – Engagespot. Back in February, we showcased our product at WordCamp Kochi. That was my first experience with product exhibition. The awesome people who came to visit our booth boosted our confidence. That event brought us the first few customers and partnerships.

2) We conducted a campus recruitment! Just 2.5 years ago, It was another campus recruitment season in my college. All of my friends were preparing for interviews and aptitude tests. But I wished for something crazy – to conduct a campus recruitment. I never thought the dream would come true in just 2 years. And we hired some top talents who are currently part of our core team.

3) Product Expo – TechInAsia. In January 2017, When I noticed this event called TechInAsia 2017, happening at Singapore, I never expected to be a part of it the same year itself, just after 5 months. That was an amazing journey, that helped me to experience a different startup ecosystem, culture and set of new people.

By last month, Engagespot has sent over 10000000 (10Million) Notifications and is growing. It’s overwhelming to see people getting benefited from something that we’ve developed.

But, we’re not there yet.

Our Mission is to build products that bring technology closer to humans. For that to happen, we have to foresee the future and adapt to the latest technologies that are more capable of bringing our vision to reality. What do you think it’ll be? AI, BlockChain, AR/VR/MR or is it something that we’re yet to see?

We are excited about some revolutionary ideas, that would have a bigger impact on our daily lives. To work on revolutionary ideas, we’d have to be a bit uncomfortable. And there is a risk too. But I believe that there is no point in being an entrepreneur for the sake of being an entrepreneur. That motivates us to take the risk and find new roads to reach the ‘destination’.

2018 is going to be more exciting as we’re taking one more step towards our goal. We’d be experimenting and launching some cool new things in the coming year.

If you are also envisioning the future just like us, I’d like to talk. Just drop an email – anand@logidots.com

Original Source – http://meanands.blogspot.in/2017/12/whats-happened-in-2017-and-whats-next.html

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