Medical Startup Product Development

How Logidots helped a Medical Tech startup to innovate, build and continuously iterate their product.

Customer’s mission is to connect doctors and patients through interactive applications and smart devices, and they realises their mission by building interactive mobile applications that provide useful healthcare advice. Logidots partnered with them to build and ship their products faster to meet their growing customer demand and thus multiplying their revenue and reducing overhead in product development.

Their demand to build new applications and iteration was so huge that their in-house development team became insufficient. Since their core expertise was in medical sector, they weren’t able to adapt to modern software development methodologies and thus having hard time meeting consumer demand for new features and value.

The Process.

Zumheilen needed a partner who can work along with their inhouse technology team to build and ship their products faster through agile practices, and to coach their team to implement modern software development methodologies to advance their product development team.

In 2016, Zumheilen partnered with Logidots to speed up their product development process and to upskill their existing team in agile practices to quickly build and deploy software thus by building cutting- edge mobile applications and other digital products.

Results which exceeded expectations.

  • They were able to ship new features faster than ever before.
  • Implementing CI/CD practices helped them streamline and reduce bugs
  • Helped them create a new development culture for their product development team
  • Successfully Meet the growing Demand for New Applications