Modernizing Cab Services Company

Customer was using a legacy software to manage their customer’s booking requests, assign drivers and vehicles and it was becoming complex to organise and provide better value to their customer. Customer wanted to adopt digital strategy to expand their services to millennials. Logidots’ experience in transportation indutry solutions helped them to transform their business, operations and marketing by building softwares and training their team with modern development practices.

They were accepting booking requests through multiple sources including calls, emails and SMSes and using manual processes to keep digital record of these bookings. Follow-up communications with customers and drivers were completely through phone and email, which was a huge operational overhead. Also, their systems were outdated and not able to cater the digital requirements of millenials who currently contributes a major share to the transporation economy.

The Process.

Customer partnerd with Logidots in 2019, to modernize their legacy transportation systems through mobile applications, real-time tracking/communication systems and comprehensive reporting. We worked with their business team to align their purpose of digitization strategy with the right software development processes and tools.

We adopted agile practices to quickly build and release applications and iterate based on their real customer feedback. The realtime tracking module was one of the core functionality of the project that provided value to both customer and their operations team to monitor and keep track of their vehicles in realtime.

Results which exceeded expectations.

  • A successful transition from their existing system.
  • Migrated existing customer base without data loss
  • Our startup team, helped them refine their product idea
  • Quickly released MVPs and Iterated based on User Feedback
  • Streamlined booking processes and enabled aggregator integtation through API-Centric backend.
  • 25% growth in ride bookings.