Project Management Product Development

Logidots helped the customer plan and build a mobile application for their industry leading project management software for Oil and Gas industry.

Customer had a strong workforce of 100+ software engineers working of different suit of web and cloud based enterprise products for Oil and Gas industry. Recently, they noticed a shift in customer expectations as they became more inclined towards mobile based applications to boost their customer’s employee productivity and to enable always-on mode. They realised that their customers are embracing mobility themselves, so they wanted to be more innovative and deliver mobility based digital products to market and expand their business.

Majority of their existing team of software engineers were trained on web technologies and setting up a mobile development team with their existing workforce was not the best way to ship their products on time. Considering Oil and Gas industry, there is a compelling requirement to make the mobile applications work offline as the usage of these applications happens inside oil rigs where network connectivity is poor or zero. Being a project management platform, data changes can happen anytime, through web and when mobile devices come online, adding a huge overhead and complexity in preventing data duplcation and corruption.

The Process.

Customer wanted to develop a native Android and iOS application for mobile and tablet devices, with offline data storing and online sync feature.

Customer partnerd with Logidots in 2019, to develop the mobile application as per theire requirements, especially the data syncing and offline module. We worked with their existing web product team to train and coach them in designing RESTFul APIS for mobile. We adopted agile practices to quickly build and release applications and iterate based on their real customer feedback.

Results which exceeded expectations.

  • They were able to ship the mobile apps faster, in less than 2 months
  • Trained their team in building API Centric applications
  • Satisfied the need of their customers to go mobile