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Warehouse Management Cloud

The customer was seeking a custom cloud and mobile based warehouse software in order to resolve accessibility issues, eliminate redundancy and keep track of inventory on the go. In addition, there was a need for real time information, greater accuracy and optimization of product inventory.

None of the existing softwares were able to adapt to their custom mode of warehouse operations or they needed lot of customizations thus increased cost of implementation of products available in the market. Majority of their workforces kept on moving between different warehouses of the company, thus making on-premise solution a bad option for ther digitalization strategy.

Customer required an enterprise custom mobile application that allowed flexibility for growth while reducing operational complexity and manual processes without causing additional overhead in training their workforce.

The Process.

A team of consultants went to their warehouse to study their mode of operation, and understand the scope of digitization to improve operational efficiency. Logidots build a custom application with A Supply Chain Management Software to manage their supply chains activities, including Purchasing, Supplier Management, Inventory Management, Warehouse Management, Sales Order Entry, Sales Order Fulfillment, Logistics Management, and detailed levels of Integration & Reporting.

Results which exceeded expectations.

  • Increased Throughput.
  • Inventory and Sales Order accurancy improved to 99.8%
  • Reduced redundancy to 0%
  • Improved employee satisfaction due to reduced overheads.