Simplify Event Check-In with Facial Recognition

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Facial recognition technology is now becoming known for everyone since it is being used to unlock mobile phones and laptops just by looking at your device. It is faster and convenient because you don’t have to remember and type your pin number each time when you want to unlock your phone.

The same technology can be used to simplify the registration and check-in process at events and expos. The prevailing process of event registration is completely manual or based on barcode scanning. Either the customer has to carry a print out of their registration confirmation or to carry a PDF copy on their phone.

Facial recognition can make the check-in process more convenient for the event attendees and organizers by transforming the event registration process. Here is how.

Faster Check-In

For large events with thousands of attendees, the major bottleneck will be at the registration/check-in counter. Since it is practically impossible to increase the number of registration stands beyond a limit, improving the speed of the check-in process is the best solution to avoid an unwanted rush.

Along with normal check-in counters, the event can have some facial recognition enabled check-in counters, where the attendee can get his badge printed within 10seconds just by looking at the camera.

This improves attendee satisfaction as they don’t have to carry a printout or scan through their messages or email to find the registration PDF.

Facial registration counters can facilitate self-service check-in process. On an average, a facial recognition enabled self-checkin counter can handle around 400 attendees per hour

Personalize Check-in Experience

It is possible to create a personalized experience at the check-in booth by recognizing the attendee’s face and welcoming him with a personalized greeting. This can create a wow-experience for the attendees.

This level of personalized experience is not possible in normal check-in booths, where the volunteer doesn’t know the attendee before they give the registration printout.

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