Push new features without breaking your product

Accelerate software delivery cycle

We help you to ship new product features to your customers without causing delays and downtime.  Reduce product failures by adopting continuous delivery and continuous deployment in your organisation.

Leading the Way

“Before adopting DevOps, our software release cycles were chaotic and often broke the product. Partnering with Logidots helped us to streamline our product delivery process through automated testing and continuous delivery.”

-Product Manager, Middle East Based Online Laundry Service Startup

How we help

Logidots helps you to audit your existing software release implementation and set up DevOps process using the best tools for process transformation to streamline the delivery pipeline.

  • Auditing and Assessment of your existing system
  • Help you discover the best DevOps practices and tools
  • Implementation of tools and processes for DevOps
  • Setting up automated testing tools for your product

Speed up your release cycle by automating build generation and deploying to one or many instances.

Reduce risk in breaking software builds by avoiding human errors in configurations and deployment process.

Speed up and improve efficiency of software QA process through automated testing. Ensure no buggy builds are released to production.

Case Study

Helping a startup based in Middle east to streamline software release on Azure DevOps cloud

Customer wanted to implement an automated delivery mechanism for their SaaS based laundry service platform. They were using manual deployment processes to release new code to multiple instances. Logidots helped them to automate deployments through Azure cloud.

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